“Art does not disgregard time to simply express the spirit of universal History, but is connected to the role of fashions and to all areas of taste.”


Statuto13 is a nursery of contemporary art and design.

Two young Milanese -Alida Priori and Matteo Lakos- give voice to their passion for art, design and creativity.

Statuto13 is a new concept of Gallery, an idea of transformation and evolution that are the essence of art it self. A vision that combines formal rigor, movement, cheek, because to represent and intercept the present sometimes you need to DARE.

Salvador Dali used to say. “Art is made to disturb”

Statuto13 is a place of experience, a meeting point between art, culture, design and all forms of communication in their various expressions. A space to experience a new way of proposing, sharing, living art and culture.