Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea

Statuto13 is not just a modern and contemporary art exhibition space, it is also a project born from the need to increase and facilitate the development of artistic culture movements.

Today's society requires to give free rein to his artistic side, to voice the cultural interchange that the city of Milan has to offer in terms of potentials, that are often silenced by the lack of synergies between artistic disciplines and cultural operators.

The area in the center of Brera  has always been par excellence the heart of creativity in Milan and moreover it offers itself as a meeting point, as an interchange dialogue and cultural creative space. The district  is open to the ideas and  projects allowing a constructive and proactive artistic growth.

Somehow this "aim" sounds almost like a "Manifesto", new and fervent, real and possible as much as the name of the gallery, located in the same street from which it takes its name, reveals the opportunity to innovate and therefore open to “STATUTO13” art in Milan.